Monday, 4 July 2011

Thursday re-cap

Thursday: My Dr called in for me to have an ultrasound (my original ultrasound was scheduled for July 25th), to properly date my pregnancy. The ultrasound was a commute of about 1.5 hrs from work (on the day before a long weekend so I wasn't expecting it to be a good commute home).

I woke up pretty excited to see our little bean, hoping that it would make things a little more concrete and boost my spirits about this pregnancy! Of course...I came down with something that morning and had to make several stops on the way to my appointment as my stomach was turning the whole way. When I finally arrived I had to pee so badly and they kept me waiting for 1/2 an hour before they let me in for the appointment! The ultrasound technician took an hour before he even let mom in to see the baby...this has got me worried because normally the ultrasound appointment is only 30 minutes total. As he was showing us the baby I noticed that every view the baby had no arms, I hope all these terrible thoughts that are manifesting themselves in my mind are just a product of the depression! I think I might have seen a hand, but I guess I'll find out for sure at my Dr's appointment.

On the way home the traffic was so terrible that I couldn't make it back to work in time for the end of my shift. Fine by me, I don't want to work anymore anyway, every morning is spent trying to figure out a good excuse not to go to work! I picked P up from daycare and made the trek out to Langley for dinner with the family. Dad is back from China and Thursday would be my first time seeing him since he came back.

When he arrived at moms it was so good to see him! I really missed him, I guess you don't realize it unitl your holding that person in your arms. All the memories of being a kid and having my daddy comfort me flood back and it's difficult to hold back the tears! P is a little unsure of him yet, she calls him "Papa" (she can't say grandpa yet) but won't go to him or let him tease her. It was a nice visit and we made plans to see each other on the weekend.

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