Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's a slippery slope!

Your at the bottom of a steep hill and think you might see a sliver of light at the crest, you motion towards it but something has a hold of your legs and is pulling you down. It has been raining for months and anything that represents vegetation has all but disappeared, brown sludge and mud is all that remains! Your hands are desperately grasping for anything to grab a hold of, but all you come up with is clumps of mud. Your despair overcomes you and you give in to the power pulling you back…you quickly slide down the slippery slope and find yourself covered in wet, dirty and covered in mud. Looking around you see the cave you've been trying to take refuge in, and crawl towards it. Laying down on the cold, dank floor; you curl up into fetal position and wait for fatigue to take over your body.

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