Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Counselling & other thoughts

I had a counselling session last night, and as always I left feeling better for it! My homework this week is to practice some relaxation methods I was taught and to rate my moods during each day. (Which this blog will be good at keeping track of) Her suggestions always make so much sense to me in my practical brain but I can never seem to put them into action when I feel like a bag of you-know-what! This is why I have to practice these things when I am having good days, this way I'll be more likely to fall back on them when I'm having a terrible day! Dad came up for the first time in all my counselling sessions (he was the dominant topic when I went to counselling a few years ago), I guess that's a good thing that he hasn't come up yet. It probably means that I'm not as focused on him being a trigger for me as I used to be!

Hubby seems to be very receptive to what I've been learning in counselling, which makes me feel so good! It's nice to have that support from him; as I don't always get it (support I mean). Over the last 5 or so days, I've been feeling pretty good and I seem to have a lot more patience for P! It actually makes me feel worse when I think about it because it just goes to show the negative actions that happen when I'm having a low period! Makes me wonder how good a mother I am being to poor P (she's just a baby and doesn't understand!)

All in all, yesterday was a good day! Today seems like it might be too! I got an email from Daycare this morning saying that her little man was throwing up this morning and it's up to me if I want to bring P there today. Seeing as she's already had this stomach thing and I've missed so much work, I brought her. Very tempting not to however; I hate work lately and do not want to go! I did the right thing though and all I can hope for is a good day today at work!

Goal for today is to work on the blog page, as I've discovered that it is severely lacking in design compared to some people's blogs! Hopefully next time you visit I'll have a nicer page to look at!

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