Monday, 13 June 2011

Finally, a GOOD weekend!

By good, I mean not spent under a cloud of misery! Mom took muffin for a sleepover for the first time in a year on Friday; which gave hubby and I a chance to spend some quality time together. I didn't think that I'd say this but it was really "Nice" and much needed. It's occured to me that we've really lost touch with ourselves as a couple since we had the little one! I guess that happens to many people if you aren't conscious of it!

I was nervous as to how muffin would do at grandma's but she faired surprisingly well and grandma wants to take her all next weekend! Yay! I mean of course I'm going to miss her as I've spent less than a total of 48 hrs away from her since she was born. (That's collectively - running errands, sleepovers, anything that resembles any time away! Other than daycare when I'm at work of course) Some mothers would have gone nuts a year ago under those circumstances, but I have a great time being a mommy; I feel like it's what defines me as a person now! But on the same coin, maybe it's what I've been missing too...some time for myself to be an individual?

Anyhow, plans for next weekend are as follows Friday night - date night; Saturday - mani/pedi and maybe some shopping? Sunday is of course Fathers day and I'll pick up muffin from grandmas.

On a side note, Dad left me a voicemail on Saturday night and he's going to be coming down from China for 3 weeks on June 27th. This brings lots of mixed emotions for me, because when he's away I just push my thoughts of him down and bury them with a hundred other emotions and thoughts going on. I miss him and look forward to seeing him, but am having anxiety at the same time. I guess we'll see how this plays out as the week progresses!

Counselling tonight! It was really helpful last appointment, so hopefully A will have some good suggestions for me again with regards to dealing with the depression! Update to come!

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