Friday, 10 June 2011

Well here goes nothing!

My first post...where to start? What to say? I guess the reason for starting a blog in the first place...

As a child when I experienced some sort of difficulty in my life, anxiety, sadness, loss, anger or frustration; I always found it very theraputic to write my thoughts down in a journal. It kept them from swirling about in my head and further creating more strife. Alas, I have come to a very difficult point in my life and I think it's time that I'm open and honest about what is going on! For the first time in my adult years, it's time to let it all out for the world to see. My aim here is selfish (I'll admit right off the bat!), I hope to help myself first, but maybe my stories could help someone else with the same problems or issues?!

A short background for everyone who doesn't know me. I'm in my late 20's, I'd like to say happily married, but at the moment that isn't the case. I have a 15 month old daughter and am 3 months pregnant with our second baby! It was something we were trying for, and I was very excited when I found out that I was pregnant...I'm having mixed emotions about the whole thing now.

Recently, I was diagnosed with depression. I've been feeling pretty badly for the past 6 months or so, but things really came to a head when my husband told me that he was going to leave me (after an arguement that we had). This news sent me into a tailspin and any grasp on my emotions just flew out the window!

More will come to light as I post more, but this is just a starting point so there it is... my first post.

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