Monday, 27 June 2011

I think I have a brat on my hands!

This is something that I never thought I would utter, but I think I may have a brat on my hands! P has been a terror the last few days...I think I might be in shock over it!

When you plan on having children, and when your pregnant with said children; you imagine all the things that you will and won't do with those kids as they grow up. You have an idea in your mind of how your children will behave, and flourish...let me tell you THESE THINGS DON'T NECESSARILY HAPPEN! Hubby and I are dealing with some serious backlash right now as I have never seen an attitude on a 16 month old baby like this before in my life! We imagined a funny, outgoing, mild mannered, sweet baby girl who needed some guideance but not necessarily disiplining....P is all these things except mild-mannered. This child is pushing every button we have and then pushing a little bit more! I really don't know why I'm so surprised as I have a major attitude myself, but to be completely honest since P was born I thought I've been pretty good at disguising my attitude and I know for a fact that my patience has skyrocketed.

Today will be spent reading up on how to curb your 16 month olds attitude and proper disiplining for this age. The tone of the past few days has really done a number on my confidence as a mommy! I'm really scared to have this second baby now, who knows what will happen as I become (yet again) a stay at home mommy to not one but TWO children! If we're being completely honest here (which I've been really trying to be) work has been a refuge to the storm brewing at home! Normally I wake up thinking of any excuse not to go to work and now, I'm waking up with a sense of relief for the break away from P! (Actually that's a lie, I wake up wanting to take P to daycare and then make up an excuse for not going to work and crawl into my cave and hide all day!)

Today should be a happy day, Dad is coming back from China to visit. I am excited to see him and for him to see Halle; I just cannot get out of this cold, dank hole that I fell back into this weekend. The littlest thing will set me off and I don't even notice it until I'm down here trying to claw my way back up!

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