Wednesday, 22 June 2011

You have depression too?

Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one! Although, in my rational brain I know this to be false as depression affects many, many people. I started to do a little reading on mental health today and I found this website. Here's a link:

Maybe there is something there that could be helpful to someone? I just don't have the energy to post anything today...I'm tired. Just in general, tired! I could complain about the headache I have, or the back and knee ache, the insomnia, the frustration and lack of concentration and of course the major attitude I've been having today... but I wouldn't want to sound like a whiner! LOL! I guess I should really let up on the whiner stuff, huh? I mean I did start this blog as an honest description of what I'm feeling day to day, and how I'm coping with things.

Tomorrow will be a "focus on the baby" day... maybe something for you to look forward to reading? Instead of complaining all the time!

I also just wanted to say, that I have the best mom ever! She tries to help me so much and she has no idea how much I really appreciate it! I hope I can be as good a mom to P and the new baby, as she has been to me and my brother! LOVE YOU MOM!

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