Monday, 27 June 2011

How is it possible that I'm being the positive one here?

Sometimes it just blows my mind that my hubby can be so negative and it's up to me to boost his mood, and show him the positive side of things. Aren't I the one with the depression here? He's in one of those moods right now, and no matter what I say to him he continues with the negativity… he seems to think he's so hard done by! We are very lucky people, we have a healthy, happy daughter, another little one on the way, a house to live in, jobs, food on our table, vehicles to get around in and not one of these things will make him appreciate what he truly has!

It just angers me so much, he's so selfish that he can't even just agree that he is very lucky and sometimes life sucks but tomorrow's a new day and you move on! It's like his foot is on my head and I'm trying to come up for air but he just pushes me back down again. (Don't get me wrong, he's a good man, but when he's like this I just can't stand it) I'm trying to help myself here for the sake of our family and his eyes are blind to that… (me thinks someone else might have some depression too)

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